Issue 2 (digital)
Issue 2 (digital) Issue 2 (digital) Issue 2 (digital) Issue 2 (digital) Issue 2 (digital) Issue 2 (digital)
$ 5.00
1994 Lo-fi now in Hi-fi. This is our favorite DTTW issue of all time, hands down. With this digital version you will fully be able to see the hand cut and pasted ‘zine that the monks of St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood put together over twenty years ago. You will see rips, pen marks, and splashes of color that were never able to be seen in the standard xeroxed issues.

This issue first featured the life of Fr Seraphim Rose and made him known to the subculture scene. Also in the issue is the story of the New Martyr Lydia, Lovers of Truth, an two original articles: "Except All Cultures, Embrace None" and “To Save the World."